• Dr Arthur Bodenmüller
    Dr Arthur Bodenmüller CEO
  • Dr. Andreas Greb
    Dr. Andreas Greb Project Leader
  • Dr. Wolfgang Heydenreuter
    Dr. Wolfgang Heydenreuter Project Leader
  • Dr. Manuel Scherer
    Dr. Manuel Scherer Project Leader

established in 2000

We are a custom research/development organization (CRDO) with an extended portfolio, ranging from route finding to process chemistry.

SynphaBase is a leading company that offers competencies in medicinal chemistry, as well as the facilitation of process research and development (pR&D).


We work with preferred partners (CMOs) enabling us to provide you with the option of using SynphaBase developed and tested processes to produce commercial batches under GMP.

In the last 16 years, we have successfully completed over 2000 projects from a milligram to multi-kilogram scale (non-GMP). The basis of our success is our consistent ability to develop and improve refined production processes that allow us to deliver quality assured products. Timely delivery, clear communications, and a transparent attitude aid our ability to tackle complex projects and deliver what our clients need.

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